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Business Law, Legal Decision Opinion

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The consideration of ethical and legal issues in the business world is mandatory in recent times. This is on the concept of increased competition in the business arena as well as increased awareness of the consumer on quality and execution of ethics. In this phenomenon, it's necessary for any business entity to ensure adherence to the set business and legal laws. This will not only establish favorable environment for business but also a good image for the business entity. Many businesses are usually involved in various situations which are perceived to be illegal or unethical. Just like any other entity, the business should be responsible for its actions. Precisely, the bankruptcy case of the General Motors in 2009 is very interesting. In this regard, this paper will analyze and profoundly discuss the legal and ethical issue involved in the General Motors's bankruptcy case and giving personal opinion on the decision on the case (Cross 234).

Business Law, Legal Decision Opinion
Legal Decision Opinion
The bankruptcy case involving GM and its creditors in the year 2009 has been hotly debated in the public arena. The case was legally justified in regards to the U.S Bankruptcy code. There were many misappropriations in the conduct of the company regarding the assets of the company. The issue of the 363 sale was very illegal; whereby the company unscrupulously transferred the entity to NGMCO, Inc. the ideas and decisions to the above action was unlawful. This is in consideration that, the creditor's interests were not considered. In the business setup, it's the responsibility of the business to ensure protection of its shareholders or the general public who have interest in the company (Womack 1)

The aspect of business being a legal entity ensures that the company is responsible of any consequences. With this regard, general motors had the obligation of bearing its burden. The concept of transferring its debts to other entities is unlawful. In this case, the decision on the liquidation of the company was very justified. This is in accordance with the interests of the creditors who have a larger stake in the company. It should be noted that, the rights of the creditors had to be prioritized; whereby the misfortunes facing the company should not have been maliciously transferred to the creditors. Based on this phenomenon, the decision to liquidate the company so as to pay the creditors was legally justified (Seglin 79).

The decision to pay all creditors by liquidating the company was very helpful to the creditors. This is so because; the company's limited liability would only lead to violation of the creditors interests. In business legal arena, the rights and interests of the creditors, customers and other stakeholders are the main priority. Based on the case of General motors, the fete of the creditors was at jeopardy; thus calling for intervention. The court ruling was a big relief to the creditors whose plight had been doomed following the company's unscrupulous dealings. Most precisely the 363 sale was very malicious and unacceptable thus calling for legal actions (Cross 234).

From another perspective, the limited liability of companies is a very dangerous concept especially to the creditors, suppliers or customers. With this in mind, the concept of limited liability protects the business in the case of misconducts at the expense of other stakeholder. In this situation, the legal systems should be stead fast in ensuring all the rights of the various parties to a company are protected. The issues of fairness in making legal decisions should be the guiding principles (Seglin 79).

Additionally, the court ruling was very correct, since justice was accorded to the appropriate entities. For instances, many of the creditors were at risk of losing their facility rights if legal interventions were not meant. It's evident that, the company had various long term loans from different entities which it was liable to pay. In this case, the change of the company's entity would see all the creditors lose their share in the company. Further, the legal laws regarding loan and security agreements as well suppliers' rights were adequately consulted in the ruling (Womack 1)

In the aspect of business ethics, the case decision was justified. This is following the repeated unethical practices being executed by the company on its creditors and other entities. In relation with this aspect, the company's move to change its entity with out consultation of key stakeholders was unethical. This phenomenon justifies the decision on the case as ethical since justice was concisely executed. The interests of the general public were also considered through the case decision since fairness was executed (Cross 234).


Ultimately, it can be concluded that, the practice of ethics and legal abidance in the business context is vital. As witnessed in the General Motors case, justice was accorded sufficiently. Through this case, a living example was set to other companies to follow suit and maintain ethics and legal issues in business. Finally, it should be observed that, practice of ethics and legal issues is a key pillar to business success.

Weird Laws Around the States

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Traveling in the Unites States can be difficult at times. Though it seems like you are traveling inside your country, it is a whole different story when you cross the state border lines. Each state has different laws and some of them can be outrageous while others you really have to keep your head up for. Some laws might prohibit something that is legal your state. It is a good idea to do your homework and see the different laws for each state and save yourself the trouble. Here are some you should look out for.

Weird Laws Around the States
crazy laws in America
 In Alabama, it is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church, you may not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at anytime and masks may not be worn in public. So if you are going to Alabama, make sure not to take any fake moustaches and masks since you wont be able to use them. In Minnesota, it is illegal to sleep naked and a person may not cross state lines with a duck atop his head. So when you check into a hotel in Minnesota, make sure have something on in your bed, or who knows what will happen.

Well, those are just some states you might go to once in a while, but how about states with major tourist attractions? In California, it is a misdemeanor to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle, unless the target is a whale, so while this law protects other animals, whales are left out. In Hawaii, all residents may be fined as a result of not owning a boat, but what if you can't afford it? In Nevada, it is still legal to hang someone for shooting your dog on your property, so don't get angry at someone's dog.
In New York, it is illegal to wear slippers after 10:00PM and a fine of $25 can be levied for flirting and again, a person may not walk around on Sundays with an ice cream cone in his/her pocket. It seems like a lot of states enforce the no ice cream in your pocket law so when in doubt, don't put your ice cream in your pocket. In Washington, all lollipops are banned while in Pennsylvania, any motorist driving along a country road at night must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock, and continue, so make sure you carry around a lot of rocket signals when you are driving in Pennsylvania.

Though these laws sound ridiculous and seem like a practical joke, these laws are actually written in the book and may be kept enforced if needed to. So make sure you do a lot of research before traveling and don't forget if you are moving to Texas, the entire Encyclopedia Britannica is banned because it contains a formula for making beer at home, so lighten up your load and watch out.

Getting Absolutely free Legalised Service

In the states, guru bono lawbreaker solicitors, guru bono divorce or separation and also relatives solicitors will be all those made available from a courts if you fail to manage to pay for a person. The fact is that, just what exactly ordinarily develops is definitely you will be frequently supplied a professional bono legal representative who will be just simply serious about executing her occupation, or perhaps ardent imagination, eager to enable a underdog.

Absolutely free Legalised Service
Absolutely free Legalised Service

Choosing a guru bono relatives legal representative might be a terrible practical experience. Listed here you will be, to the brink with witnessing a person's wedding, relatives everyday living and also employment retract less than a person's pretty view, plus it's important to obtain anyone able to often be a person's legal representative for nothing.

If you ever system to search for absolutely free legal requirements enable or perhaps guru bono legal representative while in the Online, be certain they're under legal standing qualified to preserve you actually in the think. Will probably be spending your energy if you ever join up which includes a webpage it does not necessarily lead you a professional bono legal representative in your neighborhood.

Also, as you're have a a length within your emotionally charged roller coaster, just simply attempt to have an understanding of what precisely a guru bono legal representative you actually determined is definitely happy to present you for nothing. Usually, a company is definitely absolutely free, nonetheless you're costed incidentals for instance photocopying, moving, and also notary rate fees.

The first thing around clearing up a person's legalised hurdles will be to obtain anyone which includes a legalised imagination that can assist you. Accept it a person measure at the moment, you should by using putting their signature to for a guru bono legal representative that you enter coupled with. While you discuss with attainable guru bono solicitors, ask after its investment, what amount practical experience they may have around very similar scenarios, plus what amount time frame plus ability plants improve a person's instance. Sometimes, fine guru bono solicitors will be lined up sturdy, so that it tricky for any investment from their site. Having said that, not less than you are aware of that if they provide its visit point, they can be in buying it for any long term.

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