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Three One True Churches

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Found this today.

I offer it as evidence that Orthodox Polemicists are quite wrong when they say that an essential characteristic of Protestantism is the tendency to divide and schism. This is the brush with which they like to tar the Continuing Anglican Church and I find it ironic how the latter are trying to unite after political division with a measure of success while the Orthodox Church is riddled with political divisions and do not allow a common doctrine to keep them together.

Fr Robert Hart would say that there are Two One True Churches. Perhaps there are now three!

I suppose with Brexit and various other referenda for independence, we are very much beginning to see the fracture of civilization along the political definition of morals and justice. We see this happening here especially illustrates the divisions in orthodoxy along political lines.

Given that the division of the Church of England from Rome happened for political reasons, and indeed that a case could be argued that the Great Schism of 1054 was political in nature, that this kills any argument that political schisms destroy orthodoxy. If both Moscow and Constantinople remain Orthodox, then so must Orthodox Anglicanism and the Constantinople.

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